Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mahalo to Maui's Community TV Station Akaku

Thanks to Maui's Community TV Station -- Akaku. As one who was given the opportunity a few years back to present an extensive series of talks about the history of Alcoholics Anonymous free of charge, I am aware of and thankful for this service.

I'm also one of those haoles who has been visiting Maui and other Islands since 1968 with family, friends, and AA members. I left my 49'er heritage in California and became a resident here in 1990. I have always loved singing and Hawaiian music. Performers usually have leis, flowers, and appropriate garb. They are skilled with string instruments and even the unique falsetto sounds.

Today is Saturday, March 17, 2012. As I looked out on the ocean, beach, Crater, beautiful trees and flowers, I happened on a local program of students - a contest. They sang in Hawaiian. Their music was beautiful. Thanks to the different groups competing in the contest and for what they add to the charm of the Islands.

I mention this because many many tourists, brides and grooms, honeymooners, grampas, and kids come here particularly in this "High Season." The beach is loaded with beachcombers and surfers, and it would be so easy to get caught up in water activities, whale watching, biking, paddle boarding, and even the large TV stations and yet miss the local Hawaii programs that perpetuate the beautiful language and harmonious singing. If you want a special tip as a present or future visitor, tune in to the Akaku station for local music. Public TV also often carries it. See the Islands for their language and music as well as their beaches and views. Most streets carry Hawaiian names. I learned that one of our two Senators Daniel Akaka led the beautiful chorus at the large missionary church in Honolulu.
He even sang to the Senate in Washington, D.C.

Aloha. See you in Hawaii!!!!!!

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