Friday, May 25, 2012

Stick with the Winners Book and 27 Video Classes

Dick B. and Ken B.’s Newest Title:

Stick with the Winners!

How to Conduct

More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings

Using Conference-Approved Literature:

A Dick B. Guide

for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena

(Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 2012)


Introduction: “Old-School” Christian Recovery

Ch. 1:   Resources for “Old-School” 12 Step Recovery Meetings

Ch. 2:   Conference-Approved Literature Foundations

Ch. 3:   The Real Akron A.A. Program

Ch. 4:   16 Key Practices of the Real Akron A.A. Program

Ch. 5:   “Old-School” A.A. and First Century Christianity

Ch. 6:   “Old-School” Elements That Can Be Used Today

Ch. 7:   How to Conduct “Old-School” Recovery Meetings


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Dick B. and Ken B.’s New 27-Video Class:

Stick with the Winners!

Video                    Title

00                           Introductory Video for the “Stick with the Winners!” Class

01                           Where to Begin with a Newcomer

02                           Show the Newcomer That the Cure of Alcoholism Was Not Something New from A.A.

03                           The Vermont Youth of Dr. Bob and Bill W. Set the Stage for Early A.A.’s Emphasis on

God, His Son Jesus Christ, the Bible, Prayer, Conversion, and Witness

04                           How Bill W. Got Sober by Turning to God

05                           How Dr. Bob Got Sober by Turning to God

06                           How A.A. Number Three, Bill D., Got Sober by Turning to God

07                           A Summary of How the Original “Old-School” A.A. Program Was Developed

08                           Frank Amos’ Seven-Point Summary of the Original Akron A.A. Program

09                           Part One: Practices One through Eight of the 16 Practices of “Old-School” A.A. in Akron

10                           Part Two: Practices Nine through 16 of the 16 Practices of “Old-School” A.A. in Akron

12                           Part One: Groups One through Seven of the Resources about the “Old-School” A.A.

Program Available Today

13                           Part Two: Groups Eight through 14 of the Resources about the “Old-School” A.A.

Program Available Today

14                           The Starting Point: Mastering and Relying on Key Sections of Conference-Approved


15                           Supportive Statements in Alcoholics Anonymous (“the Big Book”)

16                           Supportive Statements in The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (# P-53)

17                           Supportive Statements in DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers

18                           Organizing and Conducting a “Conference-Approved Literature” Group

19                           Resources for Your Group and Its Meetings

20                           Topics for Your Group and Its Meetings

21                           A Sample Meeting Format

22                           Using the Sample Meeting Format with Other Topics

23                           Putting It All Together: Some Suggested Basic Approaches

24                           The Helpful Personal Stories of Four Early AAs . . .

25                           Conclusion: Here’s What Makes the International Christian Recovery Coalition and

These Suggested Meetings Different

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